The Kardashians are practically synonymous with plastic surgery, but Kim Kardashian‘s transformation is particularly remarkable. Compared to what Kim Kardashian looked like when she was young, this Keeping Up With the Kardashians star looks nothing like she did in the mid-2000s, but she’s remained relatively tight-lipped about when she has gone under the knife and for what. So let’s do some sleuthing on the mother-of-three‘s plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, weight loss hacks, and makeup tricks.

What did Kim Kardashian look like before surgery?


young kim kardashian vs. current kim kardashian


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If you have any doubts this 37-year-old has had plastic surgeryalong with her sisters, of course — check out this comparison of Kim Kardashian before and after. These days, the 37-year-old is visiting Dr. Jason Diamond, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, according to Us Weekly.

“The most popular treatments I am doing for my celebrity clients is Diamond Skin Tightening, which is a treatment that boosts collagen production. Everyone wants tight skin to look camera-ready at all times,” he told Us last year. “In addition to that, my patients love Diamond Facial Sculpting. It’s a non-surgical technique I’ve developed from my years of experience in surgery to enhance and highlight the bony structures of the face … It’s a highly specialized and specific technique, and I do it for multiple locations of the face. The Kardashians are huge fans of our combination treatments to keep their skin looking its best.”

What does Kim Kardashian look like before and after contouring?



The reality star didn’t invent this optical illusion, but she did bring contouring to the masses in 2017 with her KKW Beauty line, including the Creme Contour & Highlighting Kit, which she demonstrates in this video.

“Contour has always been my thing,” she told ELLE at the time. “When I’m a little more pale, I wear the medium, and when I’m tan, I wear the dark. I like to mix and match them. I want my nose a little lighter, I want my forehead and my cheeks a little darker. So, it was really important to me to do two different shades of dark within each set.”

A year prior, though, Kim revealed she had scaled back on the contouring. “I think right now it’s more about ‘nontouring’ — like, real skin with less makeup on it,” she said during a 2016 panel with makeup mogul Charlotte Tilbury, per ELLE. “I’m trying to wear less, and my husband loves me without make-up … I’m really into strobing now. So just highlighting the skin without using bronzer. I love contouring and I don’t think I’d stop contouring my nose — I know people think I’ve had a nose job, but it really is just make-up!”

What does Kim Kardashian look like before and after a spray tan?



Not only does Kim freely admit to getting spray tans, including the one in the video here, she has also shared tricks of the trade with her fans. (She has probably learned a lot from her and her family’s spray tan mishaps.)

“No matter what time of year it is, I always love a good spray tan,” she wrote on her website and app last year. “After so many years of having them done, I picked up an unusual trick that makes all the difference. I always ask if I can have the part in my hair sprayed, as well as my body! I normally have a center part, so if it’s not sprayed, it becomes obvious and appears really pale.”

What does Kim Kardashian look like with and without makeup?


kim kardashian without makeup vs. with makeup


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In this side-by-side comparison, you can see Kim with makeup and then — as she appeared at a 2016 Balenciaga fashion show in Paris — without.

“We just decided to not do any makeup that day,” Mario Dedivanovic, Kim’s longtime makeup artist, told PeopleStyle. “She got dressed, and we thought she looked so beautiful the way she was, just like that. She had a spray tan done, and her skin just looked so beautiful, and so we just decided, ‘Let’s go for it! No makeup.’”

What’s Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery timeline?


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“It’s impossible to know exactly what she has had done, but she has a softer, more refined look,” plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells Us Weekly. You can watch Kim’s face drastically change over the years in this very telling timeline.

“Her cheeks appeared filled — likely a product such as Voluma or Vollure. Around her eyes also looks filled, which gives a smooth and youthful appearance. She likely has dermal filler in her lips. She likely has also had thermal energy-based treatments, which tightens and lifts the deeper tissue of the cheeks along the jawline and the neck. We also have to note that her makeup has become more sophisticated and professional compared to her earlier images.”

Meanwhile, a cosmetic surgeon with MYA told Mirror Kim may have had butt injections, nose job, multiple breast enhancements (one in the early seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and another around Season 12), liposuction, and laser hair removal on her hairline. Only Kim knows for sure, though!


kim kardashian before and after body getty images


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What’s do you think Kim has had done? Scroll through the gallery below to see how Kim’s face has transformed since the mid-’00s!


kim kardashian face 2005


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Kim Kardashian Looking Super Fresh in 2005

Kim first started hitting the red carpet while acting as a stylist to former BFF Paris Hilton. “We’ve known each other since we were little girls, we’ve always been friends,” the hotel heiress said in 2015. “It’s nice to inspire people. I’m really proud of her and what she’s done.”


kim kardashian face 2006


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Kim previously shared a photo from her and Paris’ 2006 vacation to Ibiza. That year, they were also spotted attending the premiere of HBO’s Entourage and a T-Mobile Sidekick 3 launch.

kim kardashian face 2007


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This was a big year for Kim. Not only did her infamous sex tape with Ray J leak in February, but Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered in October — launching a future empire.

kim kardashian face 2008


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Kim made her feature film debut in the comedy Disaster Movie, during which she’s killed by a meteorite. She also competed on the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars, coming in 11th place.

kim kardashian face 2009


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Kim appeared in a whopping five TV and film projects in 2009, including CSI: NY and Beyond the Break. She also released a workout DVD series.

kim kardashian face 2010


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Kim got her first wax figure at Madame Tussauds NYC in 2010. She also wrote an autobiography titled Kardashian Konfidential with sisters Kourtney and Khloé.

kim kardashian face 2011


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Kim tried to break into the music industry with her song “Jam (Turn It Up),” though one critic called it a “dead-brained piece of generic dance music.” She also got engaged to NBA star Kris Humphries in May, married him in August, and filed for divorce after 72 days. But that wasn’t her only legal trouble. The fashionista filed a $20 million lawsuit against Old Navy, claiming they used her likeness in one of their commercials to promote the brand. It was settled for an undisclosed amount.

kim kardashian face 2012


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Kim starting dating future hubby Kanye West in April 2012. She also released two fragrances throughout the course of the year: “True Reflection” and “Glam.”

kim kardashian face 2013


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Kim’s personal life drastically changed in 2013. She welcomed her first child, daughter North West, in June 2013, and just four months later, Kanye proposed on her birthday. The moment was of course captured for KUWTK.

kim kardashian face 2014


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Kim and Kanye got married in Florence, Italy, on May 24, 2014. Later that year, she broke the Internet by appearing completely naked on the cover of Paper magazine. She also released her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

kim kardashian face 2015


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Kimye welcomed son Saint West in December 2015, and the social media queen launched Kimojis for IOS devices. “My mom would always say, about having kids: ‘One is like one, and two are like twenty.’ I never really understood that until now,” Kim said at the time. “Of course, I expected it to be different but, wow, it really is so hard! When I had North, all I did was feed and sleep. This time around, I get no sleep.”

kim kardashian face 2016


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One of the biggest stories of 2016 was the reality star being robbed at gunpoint by a group of masked men during Paris Fashion Week. She remembered thinking, “‘They’re going to rape me.’ And I fully mentally prepped myself.” She also expected to be shot after seeing their guns. “‘I pray Kourtney’s going to have a normal life after she sees my dead body on the bed,'” Kim thought.

kim kardashian face 2017


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Kim has had a much happier 2017, despite dealing with the aftermath of Kanye’s breakdown in November 2016. She confirmed on an episode of KUWTK that she’s expecting a third child via surrogate, which is reportedly due in January.