Kim Kardashian, 35, and Kanye West, 38, may not have a name picked out for their newborn son, but at least they’ve decided on a cute nickname!

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kim and kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2013. (Photo Credit:Getty Images)

“Kim and Kanye haven’t actually named the baby yet,” a source told Hollywood Life. “For the moment, they’re just calling him ‘Little Man.’”

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After a difficult second pregnancy, Kim’s more focused on bonding with her child. “They are just enjoying their time with their precious son, soon enough they know a name will fit,” the source added.

kim kardashian and kanye west

(Photo Credit:Getty Images)

And Kanye is over the moon about his son. “He’s really excited,” a source told People magazine. “He would be excited one way or the other, but he’s really stoked to have a son.”