It looks like Tristan Thompson has officially been accepted back into the Kardashian family three months after his cheating scandal! On June 27, the fam gathered at Khloé Kardashian's house for her birthday celebration, and Kim Kardashian and Tristan finally came face to face. Lucky for Tristan, Kim seemed ready to end their feud on two conditions: 1. that he unblock her on Instagram, and 2. that he give up his passwords! Watch the video below to see all of the drama unfold!

Don't worry, guys, Tristan promises that he's already given all of his passwords to Koko so she can keep an eye on him, and we're willing to bet that's part of the "rebuilding" that she was mentioning the other day when she officially revealed that they had decided to reconcile. Kim seemed satisfied with the answer, but she did make him officially unblock her on camera for all to see. Everything seemed a-okay, until Kim realized that she wasn't the only person he blocked during his cheating scandal!

Khloé's best friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq were also removed from his friends list and blocked from seeing any of his posts. "Well first and foremost, you guys unfollowed me first!" said Tristan, as the twins began screaming their rebuttals. Kim quelled the uproar by reminding everyone it was a birthday party and then teasing T.T. saying, "now the question is, should I follow you again?" to which he responded, "I think it's the right thing to do."

To be honest, despite everything that's happened, they still seem like one big happy family, and totally comfortable around one-another. This is the first time we've seen Khloé with all of her sisters (besides Kourtney who is across the world in Rome right now), and friends, and it was nice to see her looking so happy and having so much fun. Happy birthday Koko!