She’s holding nothing back! During a sneak peek for Sunday’s newest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian gets *beyond* real about what it’s like to undergo egg-freezing hormone shots.

Before we continue, here’s what you need to know from a medical standpoint: Egg-freezing generally requires eight to 11 days of hormone injections in order to stimulate a woman’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Typically, a woman only produces one egg during a single menstrual cycle. Make sense? Good, let’s move on.

Kourtney, being 39 years old, is at an age where egg-freezing is fairly common. That said, the process is far from easy. “I’ve been so up-and-down emotional ’cause I’ve been doing the shots for the egg freezing,” the mother-of-three admitted to her longtime friends Larsa Pippen and Stephanie Shepherd. “I feel like I want to jump out of my skin, like, I’m so crazy. I can’t take it.”

On a more positive note, Larsa, 44, who is a mother-of-four, assured Kourtney that she was also “emotional” during the process. However, when the reality star admitted to bruising after the shots, it definitely raised a red flag. “I feel like you’re not doing it right,” Larsa expressed after seeing Kourt’s marks.

Thankfully, the eldest KarJenner admitted that she has “a really high pain tolerance.” Which, TBH, we don’t doubt! She did give birth to three kids, after all. Speaking of kids, or, er, men who behave like children. Kourtney was dating Younes Bendjima during the time the episode was filmed and somehow, he made her fertility treatments… all about him.

“Younes is like, ‘What? You have anxiety? But I don’t get it,'” Kourtney told her gal pals. “Then he thinks everything is about him. So then I’m like, ‘No! This has nothing to do with you.'” Yikes. Good thing she got rid of him, right? Keep doing your thing, Kourt.

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