Health conscious mama Kourtney Kardashian revealed that she had some surprising pregnancy cravings. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet revealed that cheeseburgers and frozen yogurt were on repeat while she was expecting her three kids with Scott DisickMason, 9, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 4.

“I stayed away from the typical foods to avoid during pregnancy like sushi, turkey, nitrates, and hot dogs — and I found myself craving frozen yogurt and cheeseburgers,” the 40-year-old revealed on her lifestyle website, Poosh. Of course, the health guru lives a life that’s all about balance and mentioned that another favorite meal was an “afterglow smoothie” that was chock full of dates, pine nuts, exotic spices and even a few drops of rose water.

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It wasn’t just a tasty blend — Kourtney explained that her yoga instructor, Leila Johnson, taught her how to keep her “body in balance through movement and healthy recipes.” This means she cooked with intention and every ingredient had a purpose. “We included dates to boost energy, flax seeds as a source of omega-3 for a healthy brain, goji berries for a dose of superfoods, cardamom as an antioxidant, a couple drops of rose water to strengthen emotions, pine nuts to support the baby’s nervous system and brain development and kefir or yogurt as a probiotic,” the reality star explained about each component. She was also sure to note that she was not gluten free or dairy free during this time.

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Although she spent a lot of time in the kitchen, Kourtney also stayed very active during all of her pregnancies. “My doctor had told me that if I was active before, I could continue the same level of activity,” the brunette beauty acknowledged. With her first child, the wellness guru was able to jog outside until she was seven months along. “I listened to my body, which at seven months pregnant, I felt was telling me to slow down, so then I would go on walks in my neighborhood, and rest when I was tired,” she wrote.

Expecting Penelope and Reign helped her switch gears to a more meditative practice. She said about her second and third pregnancy, “I would do yoga or go on walks in my neighborhood, usually with a stroller, and would do a lot of hills. I was very active with the other kids too, which kept us busy!”

Kourtney is definitely mom goals AF!