Grandma of the year! Kris Jenner is doing everything she can to ensure her granddaughter True Thompson has the best birthday possible amid the coronavirus pandemic, a source exclusively tells Life & Style.

“Because she can’t be there, Kris has been frantic trying to make True’s birthday more incredible than ever,” divulges the insider about Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson‘s daughter, who turns 2 on Sunday, April 12. “She’s been FaceTiming and zooming with True and Khloé daily. Even Tristan sticks his head in to check in on how Kris and [her boyfriend], Corey Gamble, are holding up during the lockdown.”

True Thompson Plays on the Swings
Courtesy of Khloé Kardashian/Instagram


Being the amazing momager that she is, it’s no surprise the 64-year-old is using her connections to give True a memorable day. “Kris is calling in every favor she can,” the source adds. “She’s ordered True everything from adorable princess dresses in multiple colors to colorful Doc Martens boots to match. Some toys, balloons, flowers and tasty desserts have been ordered and are on their way to Khloé’s house.”

In addition to True, Kris has nine more grandchildren and enjoys making each and every one of them feel special, and that includes often buying them gifts. “Kris spoils the grandkids so much,” a previous source exclusively divulged to Life & Style. “She’ll get them something almost every weekend. Whenever she walks into a store and likes something for, say, Dream, she’ll ask for [nine] more for all the grandkids. Anything she gets for one, she gets for the others.”

The Kar-Jenner kids absolutely love spending time with their grandma and visiting her at her Calabasas home.”Her house is full of fun things for the kids — she calls it ‘Camp Lovey!’ That’s what the kids call her,” the source added. “There is an entire playroom full of toys and games, candy and arts and craft stations.”

“She also has a movie theater in the house that she uses to play so many kids’ movies,” the second insider revealed. Kris is clearly a ~cool~ grandma!