No reason to worry! Fans started speculating that something happened to Kylie Jenner‘s dog Norman, but the reality starlet instantly squashed any rumors about that. Apparently, since her pups haven’t made an appearance on social media for a while, people grew concerned that she got rid of them. Don’t panic! She loves her pets just as much as she always has. Watch the video above to see what she revealed and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Some fans begged the newly minted mama to start sharing more updates about her furry friends. “Post your dogs more. We love them,” one person pleaded. Other people don’t mind the brunette beauty keeping more things to herself. Another user tweeted, “You don’t need to post all your life on [the] internet, it’s your privacy.”

Kylie Jenner and dog norman
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Longtime fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians know that before Stormi came along, the makeup mogul was a devout dog mom. It’s not surprising that she’s still equally obsessed with her pets. Considering how much she adores her dogs, people were shocked when Travis Scott wasn’t able to remember them all during a Q&A video the couple did together.

“Norman… Lady…” the 26-year-old reluctantly said while trying to think of the names of all her dogs. “Lady?!” Kylie interrupted, shocked that he struck out so quickly. “Remember they’re all like Normie, they all have the -ie! Baby, there’s four, you got one!”

Although it was all in good fun, the Kylie Cosmetics founder was quick to defend her man when trolls started roasting him on Instagram. “My fam can’t even tell me all my dogs’ names if their life was on it! I gotta give everybody a little lesson on the names lol,” she responded to a fan on social media.

One thing is for sure: Kylie has a lot of love for her pets!

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