That’s one heck of an investment! Kylie Jenner dropped some major dough, well to most of us, on the perfect platinum hair extensions for her 21st birthday bash. It’s chump change for a billionaire-to-be like Kylie, however she spent $8,000 for her custom 30-inch ponytail. 

Kylie’s hairstylist Chris Appleton hooked her up with extension artist Violet Teriti, whose worked with some of the biggest A-list stars. As expected, the makeup maven wanted the best for the special occasion and used Slavic hair from Russia. “Kylie’s weft was about 400 grams, which I typically sell for between $6000 and $8000,” Violet told Refinery29. “There’s nothing better than that hair because it’s the only hair that doesn’t need to be bleached and processed so many times, or even toned and glossed — it’s naturally already highlighted.”

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Kylie turned heads with her Rapunzel length locks, especially while rocking a pink bodysuit covered in 70,000 Swarovski crystals. The Life of Kylie star lived it up to the fullest with her famous family members, posing for several pics during her pink-themed party, where they all celebrated “turning 21.” Kylie’s soirée featured cups of various colors, pink for “taken” people, green for “it’s complicated,” and yellow for those that are “single AF.” Even though she held a yellow one, the mother-of-one revealed she’s still with Travis Scott!

The rapper went the extra mile while getting his girlfriend a jaw-dropping present, treating her to a brand new luxury whip. Travis gave Kylie a classic Rolls Royce Phantom II, and it’s actually pretty hard to get your hands on one. Purchasing this sweet ride would set you back at least $400,000, according to car collector marketplace Hemmings. Kylie was over the moon when Travis and Stormi showed her their gift, so she had a pretty epic birthday