Um, what’s going on with Kim Kardashian and Tyga? Kylie Jenner‘s ex was seemingly excommunicated from the Church of Kardashian after they split up two years ago, but on Aug. 8, Kim posted a sexy video jumping around on her trampoline to the rapper’s new single “Taste.” Best believe, fans aren’t happy. 

Kim originally posted three videos featuring Tyga’s song. Two where she was walking to the pool, and one where she was jumping on a trampoline. It seems she kinda/sorta thought better of it, because she changed one of the songs to a jam by her hubby Kanye West and muted the other one, but she left her scantily-clad trampoline video as is.

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It seems like Tyga was digging it, because he reposted the video on his own Instagram Stories and even tagged her in it. Fans felt like both were being inconsiderate of Kylie and her new man Travis Scott‘s feelings.

“Kim Kardashian posted Story listening to a song from Tyga… If I were Travis Scott, I’d be very hurt by my sister-in-law,” said one fan. “@KylieJenner Hey, your sister @KimKardashian is listening to Tyga in her most recent Instagram story. Sus,” said another. “Do you think Kylie is tight that Kim is bumpin Tyga in her story? Or is Travis like b—h I just dropped a whole album and that’s what you’re playing?” said a third, while someone else chimed in: “Kim was playing Tyga on her insta story rn… what a fake a– sister.” 

Travis just dropped his new album Astroworld a few days ago, and while all of the Kardashian sisters are always super supportive of Kanye’s new music, Kim hasn’t posted anything from Travis. There has been no previous indication of beef between Kim, Kylie, or Travis, but maybe this will start some. Or maybe she just couldn’t resist the catchy bop, and can you really blame her?