New business venture, new hairdo! Kylie Jenner took to Instagram on May 29 to show off her brand new pink hair and we can’t get enough of this adorable ‘do as the makeup mogul immerses herself fully in the world of Kylie Skin.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur gave someone or something off-camera a sassy look as the photo was snapped, clearly in a gas station with snacks in hand with the beer fridge behind her. Ky even captioned the photo with a gas pump and heart emojis, seemingly showing her love for fill-up convenience stores everywhere. Good to know the world’s youngest billionaire likes to grab her chips on the go.

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Considering her boyfriend, Travis Scott, also has an affinity for gas stations (we don’t exactly get this trend, but we digress), we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing wasn’t a sweet nod to her baby daddy. For his birthday on April 30, Kylie threw the rapper a huge bash that was totally gas station themed, so if anything, his love of the classic motorist stop may have gotten her into the ~aesthetic~.

Fellow beauty influencer James Charles even commented on the cute gas station pic — but he was probably a little hungry when he did. “Those better be hot Cheetos,” the 19-year-old wrote, clearly joking with his makeup mama pal. On the heels of his epic feud with fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook, it seems like the former CoverGirl star has been leaning on Kylie quite a bit.

Kylie Jenner, James Charles
Courtesy of James Charles/Instagram

James was totally in attendance at the big pink Kylie Skin launch party back on May 21 and it kind of shocked fans and followers to see him there, since Kylie seemingly unfollowed him during the drama. It could’ve been chalked up to good PR (we know Kris Jenner basically has a Pulitzer in it) if it weren’t for the duo hanging out yet again a week later.

Clearly, Kylie is about all things pink and sweet right now — hairdos, friendships, and yes, even gas stations.