She had time! Growing up as a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie Jenner is no stranger to rumors about herself and her life. But one thing that Kylie won’t stand for are rumors that suggest she split up with her boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott — and she took to Instagram on Saturday, Aug. 19 to clap TF back at a hater who was trying to spread false rumors online.

“YALL [sic]. Remember how my dad is a mover and moves all the Kardashian/Jenners? Well home boy spilled the tea and told me that TRAVIS SCOTT AND KYLIE SPLIT. He said they moved all of Travis’ s–t out of her house. Shouts to my dad for keeping up with the Kardashians,” a fan wrote on Twitter, then added, “Kylie also gave my dad more tequila so it’s lit.”



A Kylie Jenner fan account shared screenshots of the tweet on Instagram, and it must have come up in Kylie’s feed because she felt the need to comment on it and set the record straight. “Obviously fake. S–t was never moved, I never gave anyone tequila,” Kylie wrote.

It seems like the Twitter user deleted her account after getting backlash when Kylie debunked her rumors, and Kylie’s fans continued to bash the user in the comments. “Well now she probably just cost her ‘dad’ his job for her wannabe relevancy SMH thanks kid,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Girl, why you gotta do Kylie like that.”


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Kylie doesn’t seem to like it when haters speculate that she’s no longer with her baby daddy, and this isn’t the first time she’s clapped back on social media. Earlier this month, fans thought Kylie and Travis broke up when she was spotted holding a yellow cup at her birthday party. Yellow was meant to signify that the person drinking from it is “single AF,” but she cleared it up quickly.

“I def [sic] didn’t know what color I was holding. Someone just handed me that. Def [sic] taken,” Kylie wrote, alongside pink heart emojis.