Is there trouble in paradise for Kylie Jenner and Tyga?

The on-again, off-again couple has been going strong for months, but new sources reveal that Kylie is fearful that Tyga will cheat on her while he’s on tour.

“Tyga is in Europe now for his tour and Kylie didn’t go with him,” the source revealed. Allegedly, Kylie can become “very jealous” when Tyga is around other girls.

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And Kylie’s jealousy leads to a lot of childish games between the two.

“She wore lingerie out on the street because she wanted to get papped in it,” the source added. “She knew Tyga would see the pictures and get jealous and if she’s jealous she wants him to be jealous too. It’s childish but it works.”

It looks like Kylie isn’t the only one who gets jealous…

The source continued, “He loves her to dress sexy like that for him but when he’s not around he would rather she wear a track suit.”

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The 19-year-old reality star opened up last year about her relationship with Tyga.

“We love each other,” she gushed. “We need to be together at all times. We never get mad at each other, we just figure things out.”

Considering they’ve broken up in the past, Kylie is doing whatever it takes to keep Tyga’s eye from wandering.

Could this be the end of the Kylie/Tyga love story?

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