You guys, Lance Bass is having a serious moment — which is probably not something you thought you’d read in 2017. But seriously, he has a bunch of projects lined up, is living his truth, and seems genuinely happy. All it takes is one look at his social media accounts to know that the 38-year-old is living his best life — well that, and the fact that we had the opportunity to chat with him after a doga (dog yoga) class. DOG YOGA. He’s living an actual dream life.

The former N’Sync member has two pups, Chip and Dale, and fully embraces life as a fur dad — he even recently partnered with Natural Balance to reveal their new limited ingredient and high protein formulas, which is what brought him to doga in the first place. But aside from his life as a pet parent, Lance has a lot going on. He recently opened a restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in LA called Estrella, and is hosting the upcoming MTV reality TV competition show The ’90s House.

“It’s a really funny competition show like Big Brother — all these contestants end up in the decade of the ’90s, no cell phones, AOL dial up, you have Bop Its for entertainment, that’s It.
So these [Gen Zers] have to figure out how to live in a house during this game show in the ’90s with no electronics, which is kind of the best social experiment I’ve seen.”

Of course, Lance is no stranger to the ’90s and will be making fans v nostalgic as he revisits some of his old styles, like the “1997 version of [himself] with the frosted tips.” Here, let us refresh your memory.

lance bass hair

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The singer admitted that doing the show definitely made him thankful for the way things used to be. “I am so happy that at the height of N’Sync there was no social media because we got away with everything,” he admitted. “I was a teenager when I joined N’Sync and we moved to Europe — there were definitely some moments when we lived in Germany that might have been my most drunk moments ever… I’m glad there were no photos of that.” We wish we could agree Lance, but tbh we would live for photos of a drunk teenage Justin Timberlake galavanting around Europe. Sigh.

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Speaking of JT, the N’Sync guys are still besties and according to Lance, they talk every day in their group chat. You couldn’t do that in the ’90s! Though, apparently, JC Chasez hasn’t been able to really adapt to the times. “JC is terrible [at respsonding]. If you ever see him on social media, I mean he just got Instagram two months ago, so he’s the worst at returning texts and all that,” Lance told us. “We’ll all be talking in our group text for a good 24 hours and then he’ll finally chime in at the first joke.”

With all this talk of the ’90s, we couldn’t let Lance go without getting a full breakdown of his favorite moments from the decade. So without further ado, here are the singer’s top faves when it comes to pop culture from 20 years ago.

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Favorite song: “‘Creep’ by Radiohead”
Favorite movie: “Clueless or Armageddon
Favorite couple: “Of course, Justin [Timberlake] and Britney [Spears]!”
Favorite N’Sync moment: “I think it was probably the VMAs in 1999 — it was the first time we performed at the VMAs and it was when we did the duet with Britney. That was such a magical moment for us because we had been in the group for several years at that point and it was our first time to hit the MTV stage. It was such an incredible moment.”

britney spears and n'sync

N’Sync with Britney Spears at the 1999 MTV VMAs. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Whether he’s hanging with his pups, hosting a TV show, or opening a restaurant, one thing’s for sure — Lance Bass is living his best life right now and we are here for it. “You get to the point where you [want] to follow your passions in life and that’s what I’ve really been doing lately,” he told us. YAS. Just, YAS.