It’s that time of year again — the late Anna Nicole Smith’s partner Larry Birkhead made his annual appearance at the Kentucky Derby with their daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead. As usual, the father-daughter duo wore matching outfits to the fancy event, this year opting for blue-and-white ensembles. Fans were delighted to see that Larry, 45, and Dannielynn, 11, have kept up their traditioon of walking the Kentucky Derby red carpet together every year since 2010.

“Celebrating the @kentuckyderby with Dannielynn,” Larry wrote on Twitter. “Thanks @itsnickgraham for my cool suit! Dannielynn’s awesome southern belle dress by Lesy boutique. Rain won’t spoil our awesome Derby day!”

His followers flooded his mentions and they gushed over how big Dannielynn is getting and how beautiful she is. While fans love to see how much Anna Nicole’s daughter has grown over the years, many are also curious about what Larry has been up to these days and more specifically, how much Dannielynn’s daddy is worth. Keep scrolling below to find out!

What does Larry Birkhead do?

Larry has juggled three different careers in his life as an actor, a model, and a photographer. He also flips houses and has had several guest appearances on reality TV shows.

What is Larry Birkhead’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Larry is worth $10 million. As for how Larry makes his millions, the single father is adamant that he and Dannielynn “receive no support” from Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, according to ABC News. Instead, he makes his dough through photography and flipping houses in his hometown of Louisville, KY. He’s also appeared on several reality shows as one-offs, including Celebrity Wife Swap, Millionaire Matchmaker, and Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

larry birkhead dannielynn birkhead

Larry and Dannielynn at their first Kentucky Derby appearance in 2010.

Why is the Kentucky Derby a tradition for the Birkhead family?

The event holds such a special place in Larry and Dannielynn’s hearts: not only does Larry hail from Jefferson County, KY, but he also met Anna Nicole at the Trish Barnstable Brown Gala, a famous party associated with the Kentucky Derby, in May 2004.

“She had totally transformed herself,” Larry has said about meeting Anna that day. “She dropped a ton of weight. But it wasn’t just the weight. It was her whole attitude. It was as if she was back at her Guess days. She was back on top of her game again. She’s waving at me and me and blowing kisses and I mean, she knew how to work the camera.” No wonder the fam makes it such a point never to miss the annual Derby.