Dark Conspiracy Theories Involving the Deaths of Hollywood Blonde Bombshells

From Marilyn Monroe to Brittany Murphy, Hollywood conspiracy theories are always more horrifying when it involves a famous blonde bombshell. There’s a societal fascination with flaxen-haired beauties and how they could be consumed by something more menacing than an accidental overdose or out-of-nowhere illness. For decades, it’s been suspected that Marilyn could have been murdered. Was the Some Like It Hot actress sent to an early grave because of her alleged involvement with John F. Kennedy… or his brother Bobby Kennedy? You probably remember the suspicious death of Anna Nicole Smith because of the controversy surrounding the paternity of her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead. You may not recall, however, that Brittany Murphy’s own parents thought her cause of death wasn’t pneumonia, but instead a slow-motion poisoning. But by what… or who?

And that’s just the beginning. From Satanic curses to a fatal bleach consumption, these are the most insane theories that surround premature deaths of Hollywood blondes.