Preach, girl! When Laura Perlongo posted a photo of herself breast-feeding her newborn son, Beau, fans praised the 31-year-old for being so open and honest with her followers. Now, the Michigan native revealed to Life & Style exclusively what inspired her to upload the snap in the first place.

“I just posted it because it’s an everyday moment for me, and I was bored in a car,” she said while laughing. “I was like, ‘I guess I will post something on the internet because I have been here for two hours.’”

The blonde beauty was pleasantly astonished at all the reactions. “I actually was surprised that so many people were so excited about it, too,” she confessed.” “All of the moms came out and were like, ‘Great latch!’ I was shocked, but it was cool.”

Of course, some of Laura’s followers were critical of the picture, but luckily her fans rallied around her. “I think a lot of the public comments were all pretty positive because if one person — on my page specifically — says something negative, other people come in and tell them that they are being ridiculous and eventually they will delete their post, so a couple of those happened.” Laura has yet to name her followers, but her hubby, Nev Schulman, thinks it should be called the Bey Bey Hive. Um, that’s genius.

Even though the duo has their hands full, they are enjoying working together on ATTN:’s Facebook show, We Need to Talk, where they give advice to couples. “Filming a show was great for our relationship after the baby,” Laura said. “People write in, call in, ask us or tell us things that are going on in their relationships, ask us questions, how we would handle situations like jealously, money issues, deal breakers.”

The Catfish star, 34, couldn’t agree more and admitted that he loves working with his wife since she is a “great writer, great thinker and super creative.”

While the two are very open and honest with one another, Nev wants people to know that having a candid chat with your significant other is worth it. “People assume that a conversation about an issue means a fight, means a breakup,” he said. “I think what I have been able to do on Catfish and what Laura and I have been able to do on the show hopefully — it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. It doesn’t have to be a fight. It’s OK to talk about your feelings and I think the more people do that, in a healthy and even humorous way, the better off we will be in all aspects of our life.”

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These two are definitely #couplegoals.

We Need to Talk airs on Facebook Watch Thursdays at 3 p.m. ET.