Breast-feeding is arguably the most natural thing in the world, and yet, it’s still considered pretty darn taboo for women to do in public. That said, Nev Schulman’s badass wife, Laura Perlongo, isn’t about conforming to society’s stuffy standards. On Saturday, March 9, the proud mama-of-two, 31, took to Instagram to share a raw selfie breast-feeding her newborn son, Beau.

“Shoutout to everyone chillin’ in the parking lot,” Laura captioned the snapshot, along with two peace sign emojis. Thankfully, fans of the writer flocked to her page to praise the powerful mommy moment. “Love this!” one user commented. “That latch, though!” added another.

Considering how many mothers have issues with their children latching, Laura most definitely deserves to show off Beau’s skills. Good job, little man! Plus, can we please take a minute to fawn over his full head of hair? Who gave him permission to rock that kind of volume? Sigh. Must be nice.

We definitely have to commend Laura and her Catfish host hubby, 34, for their transparency when it comes to parenthood. Speaking with Life & Style back in December 2018, the pair got candid about some of their biggest parenting fails. “I put Cleo down to sleep and I had to go to the car to get something and I realized after the door closed that my keys were in the apartment and it locks on its own,” Laura recalled at the time. “So, I had locked myself out of the apartment with Cleo inside sleeping.”

“I did have my cell phone, but for some reason, AT&T doesn’t work where we are living,” she continued. “By the time the locksmith came, it was three and a half hours. I was wearing something inappropriate, just like in my underwear and a t-shirt in the hallway.”

Note to self: Having children is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. At least Laura and Nev make it look effortless … most of the time, anyway. Keep up with the good work, you two!

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