Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner and baby daddy Travis Scott jetted off to Indio, CA for Coachella, and many fans seemed very concerned that it would interfere with Kylie breastfeeding her daughter Stormi Webster. "You should be home breastfeeding your daughter. You out here drinking alcohol smh," wrote one fan on a photo of Kylie drinking out of a red solo cup. Others thought three days was too long to be away if she's breastfeeding. But wait… is she? Here's what we know.

Kylie has never acknowledged whether she breast or bottle feeds Stormi, despite getting a lot of questions about it from fans. Her potentially drinking alcohol and leaving Stormi for three days would suggest that she's being fed with formula instead. However, both of her sisters breastfed, and judging by how much they loved it, we bet they're encouraging her to do the same.

"I love the bonding time, love that it’s natural and what your body is made to do, love the benefits for his body and mine," Kourtney Kardashian wrote in a guest blog for People. "I find it to be such an amazing womanly thing." Kim Kardashian once wrote on her website, "I think it’s such a natural experience and I’m not shy about that." How could Kylie say no with that kind of review? Well, according to one source, she's taking after them. In a passing quote from a Hollywood Life source, it would seem she has mentioned breastfeeding to an insider. "She is up late at night breastfeeding, burping the baby, changing diapers and she is loving it all," they allegedly said.

So, what if Kylie is breastfeeding, and she was drinking at Coachella? First of all, we don't know if she was consuming alcohol since she didn't say what was inside the opaque cup. If she was, and is feeding Stormi, it could be an issue. "Some experts recommend breastfeeding moms avoid drinking alcohol until their baby is three months old," explains Baby Center. The amount of alcohol that makes it into breastmilk is about the same as the amount in your blood, and even tiny amounts can affect babies' sleep, feeding, and development. Right now Stormi is only thre months, and we doubt Kylie would take any risks.

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Fans also worried about Kylie breastfeeding due to her lip fillers and speculated breast enhancement. "Wait did Kylie get her t—–s done, was she able to breastfeed her bb?" asked one on Twitter. Kylie has never copped to getting implants (though her boobs look a lot bigger), but if she did, it's probably still fine for her to breastfeed if she so chooses. "It depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding," writes Baby Center. The only issue is that it could affect milk production or nipple sensitivity, but it won't be unsafe for the baby in any way. We're sure no matter what Kylie has chosen, she's doing what's healthiest for little Stormi.

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