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While on a business trip, Tabitha Garbart had a Liquivida IV therapy session, and she was hooked. “I’d never felt more rejuvenated,” she says. “It was then that I knew how I wanted to help others.”

Tabitha Garbart, DNP, RN, and Dr. Kyle Garbart, DC are the owners of Trident Health and Chiropractic in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, where they specialize in chiropractic care for pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics. As an extension of the functional medicine methodology, they offer services that support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

When asked about the importance of chiropractic care and IV therapy, Dr. Kyle Garbart offered the following explanation:

“The nervous system is the first system that is formed. It is such an important system in the body that it is the only one that is completely encased in bone. So, in order to keep the body functioning properly, we have to keep the spine in alignment and make sure that the body is well hydrated and full of essential nutrients. So, by combining chiropractic care and IV hydration, we can get the maximum healing benefits for the body. IV hydration therapy can be used for dehydration, weight loss, immune system boost, athletic performance, metabolism, mental alertness and focus.”

Called to Service

For Dr. Kyle Garbart, the journey that led to opening Trident Health and Chiropractic started years before, during military service. As a Navy Corpsman during Desert Shield, he provided both medical and survival training for Navy pilots. He also supported several missions as a rescue diver and survival swimmer. After leaving the military, he sought chiropractic care to help him recover from a back injury he received while in the military.

Dr. Kyle Garbart worked in the medical field for over 20 years in cardiac catheterization labs, helping patients recover from heart attacks. When he realized the potential of the body’s own healing properties, he quit his job as an IT consultant in Manhattan to pursue his passion for helping people.

Tabitha’s journey into chiropractic care started over 20 years ago when she entered the nursing field. When she made the transition into the chiropractic field, she wasn’t sure how she would make an impact, but she knew she wanted to inspire others to take control of their overall health and well-being. After her personal experience with Liquivida IV hydration therapy, she knew she’d found a way to combine her medical experience with preventative care to support their community.

“Preventative care promotes building good habits that make a healthy lifestyle much easier to obtain and maintain. There are so many benefits to treating the body naturally.”
– Tabitha Garbart, DNP, RN

Liquivida IV Drips

IV vitamin therapy is a convenient way for anyone who values their health to ensure they are getting the vitamins they need. Even when eating the right foods, there’s no guarantee that you are getting the proper nutrients in the right doses. IV nutrient therapy allows the patient to receive the supplementation they need, administered by a licensed medical professional. This gives patients the confidence that they are receiving the best care under the supervision of professionals who understand their specific needs.

According to the Garbarts, their combination of chiropractic care and IV therapy support is not common, and they are excited to offer something new and different to the community of Spartanburg County, SC. They are on a mission to help as many people as possible reach optimal health through natural, holistic care.


“The more people we see, the more lives we can impact. “Success for us is reaching more people and spreading the word about chiropractic care and IV hydration.”
– Tabitha Garbart, DNP, RN

Trident Health and Chiropractic is located in beautiful Spartanburg, SC. In addition to Liquivida IV therapy solutions, they also offer extremity adjustment, myofascial release, Kinesio taping, ThermoStim, electrotherapy, ultrasound and light therapy. To learn more about their services, visit their website.

Liquivida, founded by Sam Tejada, distributes high-quality IV therapy products to over 4000 doctors nationwide.To learn more about their affiliate program and the products they offer, visit their website.