More legal drama for Lisa Vanderpump! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is very open about her animal activism and she’s using her platform on the hit Bravo reality TV series to spread awareness about animal rights. But despite all of the good deeds that she’s done, she also got involved with some sketchy-sounding situations, which led to two lawsuits last year — and of course, it became fodder for gossip between Lisa’s RHOBH cast members.

In a sneak peek for next week’s episode, Lisa Rinna sat down at dinner with her fellow co-stars and she spilled the tea about the restaurateur’s new legal woes. “There’s a little thing happening with Lisa Vanderpump that I read in the news,” she said. “A little lawsuit thing happening.”

The first lawsuit that Lisa and Todd were involved in was filed last August. According to the lawsuit, the executive director from Spot Rescue tried to sue Lisa’s husband Ken and their Vanderpump Dog Foundation and claimed that Ken allegedly assaulted her when she refused to provide rescue dogs for a gala that was sponsored by the foundation, according to TMZ. The executive alleged that Ken got so angry that he allegedly threw her against a wall, then yelled, “Do you know who I am? I will ruin your life!” But the executive director decided to still work with Ken and she expected to receive half of the $64,000 that was raised during the event for Spot Rescue — and Ken allegedly refused to pay up.

One month later, Lisa and Todd were involved in another lawsuit that had to do with one of the couple’s business partners. Yana Syrkin — who owns the luxury pet store Fifi & Romeo Boutique — started working with Lisa and Todd in 2012 when the couple asked her to make a custom outfit for their dog Giggy. Yana continued to make custom outfits for the pooch and agreed to only charge the couple the price of what it cost to manufacture the clothes in return for promotion on the pup’s Instagram page.

After working together for three years, Yana signed a deal with Lisa and Todd to create a new pet clothing line called Fifi & Romeo for Vanderpump Pets — and shortly after the contract was signed, Yana claimed that Lisa and Todd stopped giving her credit for the pup’s outfits on social media. She alleged that they also launched their own clothing line called Vanderpump Pets and accused them of stealing her designs, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In September, she filed a lawsuit against them for breach of contract and fraud, but it seems like the business partners were able to settle before even going to court, according to TMZ. Last month, Fifi & Romeo asked for the case to be tossed.