If you've just started watching the hit dating reality series Love Island, then you've definitely taken notice of the unique phrases the hot singles use on the show. The fourth season of Britain's answer to Bachelor in Paradise recently kicked off June 4 and fans are living for the sexy new contestants, each vying for the $50,000 prize and a chance at finding their perfect match. Lucky for you, we're breaking down the slang so you can fully understand all of the undeniable goodness before you dive deep into this year's drama in the villa.


Basically, this means having the gift of gab. Plenty of eligable bachelors and bachelorettes on the show mention how they're looking for a partner who is good with their words or able to hold a substancial conversation. Looks are obviously important to the contestants, but they also place a big priority on having a cool personality or being funny. This also means not taking yourself too seriously so you're able to fire back if someone comes for you. It's all about confidence.


No, the handsome hunks aren't talking about the feathered animals tweeting outside. They're actually referring to the ladies competing on the series. Additionally, guys and girls can both be described as "fit," meaning she's a total bombshell or he's easy on the eyes. It's been an ongoing trend since season one, so it's pretty likely this combo isn't going anywhere.


This one could be self-explanatory, but it translates to being excited. Many contestants will say this before or after going on a date with their dream girl or guy. While rewatching the glorious first, second, and third season — you'll notice countless dudes claiming, "I'm buzzin, mate."

Crack on:

The phrase simply means do your thing. A sizzling new single will often walk into the villa and want to go after someone's partner, so they will announce that they're going to spit game at that person. If someone says go ahead and "crack on," that's them essentially giving the green light to go for it. The phrase can also be used in first person, AKA I'm going to "crack on with that fit bird."

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Early days:

Even if there's a major spark in a new romance, singles always express how they don't want to get too caught up since it's "early days." Bottom line: it's the beginning of a relationship so that means tread lightly. It's one of the popular phrases on the show and could totally be applied to any dating culture.


It's all about the game! Broken down: it means having to put in effort to make an impression or woo a particular person. The guys and girls on Love Island realize "grafting" is very important when it comes to trying to couple up in the villa, especially if you're competing with another hottie for a spot on the show. Some singletons will opt not to graft so they don't come across as fake to the viewers, but others aren't afraid to go the extra mile to secure their position.

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Uh oh. Once you've caught the "ick," it quickly goes down hill. You know when there's an annoying quality about a guy or girl that drives you crazy and eventually turns you off? Well, that's what this phrase is all about since once it happens, those feelings usually don't change. This likely means it's just a matter of time before that "ick" person gets put in the friend-zone once and for all.


This is a term to describe players on the show. Ladies are either completely entranced by a "lad" or wary of getting close to one since that means the guy is known for having quite the reputation with women. Most of the girls are looking for a gentleman when dealing with matters of the heart, but many of us know those bad boys can get you hooked before counting to three.


Contrary to popular belief, this one's not about the weather. "Muggy" is used as a way to describe someone whose actions are shady or not in line with their words. In some instances, the guys will be trying to talk up two girls at once and get called out for being fake about their intentions.

Pied off:

Similar to being "mugged off," it's all too common for contestants on the show to be "pied off" by their crushes. Nothing sucks worse than being tossed aside like a bag of potatoes for a gorgeous new contestant walking in. Some of the girls and guys get "pied off" by multiple people during their time on Love Island and it's not an easy pill to swallow, however it's one of those things viewers can't get enough of.

Before you know it, you'll be saying these catchy phrases in your own daily life! Love Island is becoming one of the hottest dating shows out there, so you don't want to miss out on any of the action. American viewers can binge all three seasons on Hulu now and the fourth season will launch June 15, airing on a weekly basis.