Nothing tests a new relationship like travel, as Lifetime rightly asserts in its press release for Love at First Flight, the cable channel’s latest dating reality show. Eight unlucky-in-love contestants will be paired up by matchmakers and sent on a cross-country journey, during which their compatibility will be put to the test as they cross state lines and contend with travel-based challenges. Then, once their final flight touches down in LA, they’ll have the opportunity to get married right there in the airport… Assuming, of course, they make it that far. We’ve got the skinny on the Love at First Flight cast, so scroll down to meet these intrepid souls.

Alma Lopez and Michael Naccari

love at first flight alma & michael lifetime

Alma, 31, describes herself as a “strong-willed” and “blunt” social services case worker from Chicago, according to the Daily Mail. She loves fitness, dancing, and bonding with her Mexican and Puerto Rican family members. She has actually had two men propose to her in her life: One had only met her a few months before he got down on bended knee, and the other popped the question in a vain attempt to win her back.

Michael, meanwhile, is a 30-year-old accountant from Bellmore, NY. He’s also devoted to his family, especially his 10 nieces and nephews. He’s equally committed to keeping his apartment clean and tidy, and he even says he’ll tackle the bulk of the laundry and housework when he finds his Mrs. Right.

Jenna Fortner and Cale O’Bryan

love at first flight jenna & cale lifetime

Jenna is a 26-year-old kindergarten teacher in Beverly Hills. When she’s not working, she likes to read, dance, and play guitar. She admittedly doesn’t have much dating experience — her relationships usually evolve from friendships — but she’s looking for someone ambitious and adventurous.

Perhaps her perfect match will be Cale, a 29-year-old attorney from Dallas. He says he’s tired of dating and wants to skip right to the altar! He’s looking for a career-focused woman who will challenge him intellectually and physically. (Wow, TMI?)

Stephanie Johnson and Michael Stewart 

love at first flight stephanie & michael lifetime

Stephanie wants to have a child in the next two years, but she’s had terrible luck in the love department. This 30-year-old entrepreneur says she goes on three or four dates a month but men are often turned off when they realize she’s waiting until marriage to have sex. When she’s not going on ill-fated dates, she’s cooking, working out, hosting parties, and singing at her church.

Her Love at First Flight match, Michael, is also an entrepreneur, but he hails from Atlanta. He’s had a rough couple of years: His ex-girlfriend died in 2016, and his mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. This 30-year-old also wants to hold off on sex for a bit — not because he’s waiting until marriage but because sex “clouds [his] judgment.”

Stephanie Ver Eecke and Ryan Pinter

love at first flight stephanie & ryan lifetime

Stephanie, 28, is always the wedding singer, never the bride! She’s watched all of her friends marry and welcome kids, but she hasn’t given up on her own happily-ever-after. In fact, this gal from Lindenhurst, NY, even has a love-themed vision board in her living room.

Perhaps her knight and shining armor is Ryan, a General Motors senior buyer and a “die-hard romantic” from Royal Oak, MI. This 26-year-old is a self-proclaimed “momma’s boy” who doesn’t live far from his parents. He hates social media and hates meeting women in bars, so he hasn’t had much success finding viable partners. With any luck, Stephanie will be his one true love. Good luck to them and to all the Love at First Flight contestants!