We love watching fictional intergenerational relationships — think The Graduate or As Good as It Gets or Lost in Translation — but somehow real-life May-December romances aren't so popular. Take Age Gap Love, for example. The British reality show aired across the pond four years ago, but it just hit Netflix in February. And fans who are just tuning in can't seem to decide if they love to hate it or if they just plain hate it.

The premise of Age Gap Love is pretty much what you'd expect. "Despite the social backlash and challenges that come with intergenerational romance, these couples choose to stick together through thick and thin," Netflix says in its synopsis. There's 79-year-old Edna and her 39-year-old husband, for example, two lovers who bonded over organ music. And there's 68-year-old Joan, who found 29-year-old Phil online after posting a Facebook ad looking for a "toy boy." Or how about the woman who met her husband when she was 45 and he was 16?

We have no doubt love can bridge decades-wide gaps, but viewers are giving some real side-eye to the subjects of the new show. "There's a couple from San Jose in California, and the guy is 28 and the woman is in her 60s," one reddit user says. "At some point, she goes 'I'm 60, but I don't think I look 60,' and I cringed because my mom is 60 and she looks, like, 15 years older than my mom. Not even trying to hate, but I was like, 'Girl…'"

Another reddit user resents the show's tropes. "The series follows five different ho-hum couples per episode," this user writes. "Some stereotypes are played out. Trashy implications are laid on thick: truckers, bars, arguments, hookups, sugar dads, and gold diggers." (But the real complaint from this viewer? "Almost none of them are cute.")

Our absolute favorite reddit critic, however, is the one who must have been turned onto the show by his or her significant other. "God, this show is so terrible that I can't look away," this redditor writes. "I need revenge. What are your recommendations for a show equally as s–tty. No movies, must return the favor with multiple episodes. I'm looking for a mercury-on-an-open-wound kind of show."

So there you have it, Netflix users. Binge-watch Age Gap Love at your own risk.