Cold hard fact: The world sucks a lot of the time. Take yesterday, for example, when students across the country were having to walk out of school en masse simply because they don’t want to get shot in their classrooms. Depressing, right? RIGHT. Urgh.

But fear not, despairing friends. Because if you’re in need of a brief antidote to 2018-induced depression, Imma point you in five directions, each leading to guaranteed joy.

(Side note: If you haven’t yet binged the hell outta Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot — do it. Do it now!)

Unlike the lineups of many a reality TV show (lookin’ at you, Real Housewives), Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn), Antoni Porowski (@antoni), Bobby Berk (@bobbyberk), Tan France (@tanfrance), and Karamo Brown (@karamobrown) share the purest, most unbreakable of bonds. Without a hint of exaggeration, I can get happily lost in a deep hole of Insta-stalking their loving exchanges for a solid hour at a time. And — NO — that’s not a peak millennial style waste of time, because frankly, the world needs a hell of a lot more of this kind of love.

Yesterday, that love-fest was amplified by the show’s food and wine expert, Antoni “facial perfection” Porowski’s birthday. Behold:

“It’s my beautiful boy’s birthday, today. Happy birthday @antoni. I won’t go on and on, publicly, about why I f—king love you so much. I’ll just show you very intimately, graphically and sexually, this afternoon,” style expert Tan France gushed.

“@antoni Happy Birthday! I pray that today is the first day of a year of growth, success and many special moments for you. You deserve it! PS: I’m still not convinced that you, John Mayer and James Franco aren’t triplets. So until I get confirmation from your parents please tell your brothers HBD from me. ?#hbd????,” wrote culture expert Karamo Brown.

Interiors wizard and low-key hashtag pro, Bobby Berk, captioned his birthday wish: “Happy birthday to one of my favorite people out there. In just a year you’ve went from a total stranger to family. Love you to the moon and back. ♥️♥️♥️ #queereye #antoniporowski#happybirthday #gay #instagay #unicorn#gayunicorn #unicorns.”

And man of mad grooming skills and many words, Jonathan Van Ness, posted: “What can I even say about my bb @antoni? When we all met and got casted I could have never imagined how authentically changed I would become from my new frands. Antoni picks up like 85% of my FaceTime calls, literally helps me carry all my bags of grooming shit everywhere we go, he knows the my inner nastiness and loves me anyway. He is so kind, wise, hard working, and would NEVER expect anything in return. He is sincere and loving and I’m so happy I can call him my boobee. Happiest birthday my sweet and I’ll see you in like 2 hours.”

YAS QUEENS! It’s enough to melt even the coldest, deadest of hearts. It’s the kind of love that’d make even Voldemort himself comment with the love-heart-eyes-cat-face emoji.

But wait, and hold onto your feelings, because there’s more and we’re going deep. Like to that time Tan and Antoni fan-boyed over Jonathan’s reunion with episode four’s hero, Remi:


Or when Karamo and Tan were the ultimate cheerleaders:

750 200 jonathan black shirt

And when Antoni was positively poetic with his compliments:

750 675 antoni compliment

And again:

750 675 antoni compliment2

Then Jonathan laid praise on Karamo’s shirtless shot in a way only Jonathan could:

750 130jonathan lol

And Antoni and Tan offered up some extremely helpful culinary advice to Bobby:

750 250antoni tan lol

Unsure what “boobeeefied” means, but agreed, Tan, he totally looks it:

750 130tan boobeefied

I could go on, and on, and on, but I won’t. Instead, treat yourself to a scroll through their feeds. Because seriously, Every. Single. Post. is followed by some genuine, instantly-mood-boosting praise from the remaining four. It’s almost enough to fill the Queer Eye shaped void in your life until season two drops.

750 125 bobby antoni flower crown

Beyond the many, many life lessons the Fab Five offered up to us throughout their glorious eight-part Netflix series, their social media provides another one: Tell your loved ones how amazing they are. Sometimes publicly, sometimes privately, and always often.

Never change, boobees. Because the world would be a lot worse off if you did.