A new month means new additions to Netflix — and the movie everyone is talking about is the horror film, Veronica. Already dubbed the "scariest ever" by fans, the Spanish thriller is getting rave reviews — and some warnings.

Veronica, which is directed by Paco Plaza and stars newcomer Sandra Escacena, is based on a true story and takes place in the early '90s in Madrid. "After holding a seance at school, a teen girl minding her younger siblings at home suspects an evil force has entered their apartment," describes the streaming platform. Just one look at the trailer proves Veronica is right, and that evil force comes in the form of whispering demons, a blind nun, and burned mattresses thanks to her decision to play with an Ouija board during a solar eclipse. Really girl, what were you thinking?

As expected, users who watched the movie were completely freaked out. "Started watching Veronica on Netflix (huge REC fan so interested in anything Paco Plaza is involved in) but the demon walking down the hallway scene freaked me out so much I had to turn it off…," one fan tweeted before another added, "Why the hell did I start watching Veronica on Netflix? On my own, in the dark?"

So, what inspired this scary movie? Apparently, in 1992 a girl in the Spanish capital died three days after using an Ouija board. According to reports, a police detective, José Pedro Negrí, entered her home to find it full of noises and strange smells. Her case went on to be labeled "unexplained" by investigators and Veronica attempts to show viewers what happened between "Veronica" summoning spirits with the board game and her death — albeit with very little facts to go on.

So far, the movie has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty rare for a horror movie. In a recent interview, Sandra, who plays the title character, explained how she prepared for the frightening role. "Before filming, [the director] Paco told me, 'Watch these two movies,' and he told me Pan's Labyrinth and Let the Right One In," she told IGN España, which has been translated. "He also sent me music that he imagined Veronica would listen to." It obviously worked.