Another day, another Netflix series you need to add to your list. Further proving our point that Spanish shows are the best part of the streaming platform is Love in Times of War. The Morocco-based drama just premiered — and TBH it brings the heat this winter.

Set in the early 1920s during the Rif War between Spain and the North African country, the drama follows Julia Ballester —portrayed perfectly by Amaia Salamanca — who becomes a Red Cross nurse to go and find her brother, Pedro, and her fiancé Andrés, who have been taken as prisoners of war. However, her mission becomes more difficult when she meets Army doctor Fidel Calderón (Álex García). Basically, he is the McDreamy of the show's makeshift Seattle Grace in Melilla so we don't blame her for getting distracted.

Love triangle aside, or should we say love square seeing as Fidel has a fiancée of his own, viewers are also introduced to Julia's fellow nurses, Pilar, Magdalena, and Verónica, who also have relationship dramas. TBH, no telenovela would be complete without multiple romantic storylines. There is Pilar, the HBIC, who unexpectedly runs into her ex-fiancé, who left her standing at the altar, nearly 1,000 miles from home, while Magdalena falls for Moroccan-native Larbi — who is literally Aladdin IRL — putting her engagement back home at risk. Then there's Verónica, who falls for a patient, without realizing she is the obsession of one of the hospital's doctors. Yes, it's complicated but definitely binge-worthy.

Will there be a 'Love in Times of War' Season 2?

Neither Netflix nor Antena 3 — the Spanish network which originally aired the show – has yet to confirm a second season of the Spanish series. However, seeing as the show ends with a major cliffhanger (no spoilers here), we think it's safe to say the ladies of the Red Cross will be back. That doesn't mean audiences won't have to wait — with many sources predicting an early 2019 release.

In the meantime, keep scrolling to get to know the cast of Love in the Times of War!

Amaia Salamanca (Julia)

The OG of Spanish melodramas, the blonde beauty has also starred in fan-favorites like Gran Hotel, Velvet, and more recently, La Embajada. As Julia, the actress is in the ultimate dilemma, having to choose between Fidel, the hot Army doctor, or her fiancé Andres — who just happens to be a war hero. NBD.

Álex García (Fidel)

As Fidel, the Spanish actor does the seemingly impossible and pulls off a mustache. Álex might not be well-known in the states, but he has a few Spanish series under his belt, including Tierra de Lobos, Love in Difficult Times, and Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso, which also starred Amaia Salamanca and Sense 8 star Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

Daniel Lundh (Larbi)

Where was Daniel when Disney was casting for the live-action version of Aladdin? The French-Swedish actor portrays Larbi in the Spanish series — who successfully sweeps nurse Magdalena off her feet with his charm. On and off-screen, Daniel has some impressive language skills, speaking English, French, Spanish, and Swedish.

Anna Moliner (Magdalena)

As Magdalena, the nurse with the heart of gold, Anna is perfect as she navigates love and relationships during a war. Plus, her controversial relationship with Larbi sheds light on the tense dynamics between Spain and Morocco at the time. In real life, it seems Anna and Daniel are BFFs — and this makes us super happy.

Verónica Sánchez (Pilar)

The most level-headed of the nurses, Pilar's world is turned upside down when she runs into her ex Luis in Morocco — five years after he left her standing at the altar. To add to the drama, she soon discovers that Luis is married and expecting a child. Portrayed by Verónica Sánchez, the brunette beauty must learn to balance running the hospital and juggling injured patients — while working with the love of her life. What can go wrong?

Alicia Borrachero (Carmen)

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The mother hen of the nurses, Alicia Borrachero portrays the Duchess who trains and brings socialites from Madrid to the war-torn country to save lives. And no one messes with her, seeing as she has a direct line to the Queen.

Cristóbal Suárez (Luis)

While you initially want to hate Luis for ghosting our girl Pilar, Spanish actor Cristóbal brings humanity to the character — and before long viewers will understand why he did what he did. However, his pregnant wife doesn't make things easier. Cristóbal previously starred in Love in Difficult Times alongside our new crush Álex aka Fidel.

Álex Gadea (Andrés)

As Julia's husband-to-be Andrés, he is the main reason the protagonist makes the trip overseas and enlists as a nurse — without any training or experience. Portrayed by hottie Álex Gadea, viewers will definitely find themselves divided over who Julia should end up with at the end.

Silvia Alonso (Susana)

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We can't help but feel for Fidel's girlfriend Susana — portrayed by the stunning Silvia Alonso — who finds herself competing against Julia for her future husband's attention. TBD who wins Fidel's heart. In real life, this is the third time Silvia and Álex García have acted together on the small screen.