These days, thick eyebrows like Lucy Hale‘s are super trendy. The 30-year-old exclusively tells Life & Style how she achieves a full brow, and it turns out, you’re better off not touching them, according to her.

“I don’t do anything!” she says. “I’m at the point in my life now, I don’t do anything to them. I don’t pluck them. The bigger, the better. Wilder, the better. That’s my tip.”

Besides having gorgeous eyebrows, the Pretty Little Liars alum also has beautiful hair, which she chopped off for the best reason. “It was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done,” she told Cosmopolitan for her March 2020 cover issue.

She revealed that while she loves it, many people disagree. “I couldn’t tell you the amount of times when guys were like, ‘You should grow your hair out again. I like long hair.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not cutting my f–king hair for you.’ I cut my hair for me. And I feel great with it this way.”

Lucy Hale
Courtesy of Lucy Hale/ Instagram

She continued, “Or a lot of guys don’t like a bold lip color. I love a bold lip color. I don’t care. I don’t care! I truly don’t dress for men at all. I dress for me and what I think is cool.” Yes, girl!

Speaking of men, when it comes to dating, she knows exactly what she wants. “I think just like what I’m looking for in life now is just simple,” she exclusively told Life & Style in January. “Be a good person. Love what you do. Be a gentleman. Don’t be a d–k. And be funny.”

Lucy also admitted “dating is hard,” and she doesn’t seem in a rush to settle down. In fact, she’s all about making herself happy. In February 2019, she got a meaningful tattoo that perfectly represents that. “I got this tattoo recently as a symbol of self-love,” she captioned the now-deleted Instagram post. “And that’s what this last year has been about … being alone (but not lonely), not settling, truly finding my inner light and loving who I am.” We’re here for it!