Madonna and boyfriend Josh Popper have called it quits after being on the ropes for a while, but she’s not staying single for long, a source exclusively tells Life & Style.

“Madonna took a little bit of a break after she split up with Josh, but she’s now back to the same old routine where she pretty much auditions guys until she finds the right boy toy,” the insider says. “She’s been doing this ever since she and Guy Ritchie split up 20 years ago. She vowed never to let her heart get too involved after that because she was crushed by her divorce, so now she treats her love life the same way she would any other business hire.”

The source adds that the “Vogue” hitmaker, 65, even “interviews all the best candidates and then chooses the winning one.”

“They need to check all the boxes and, of course, sign ironclad NDAs, and then when she’s tired of them or they stop satisfying her on every level, she cuts them loose, usually with a nice farewell package to keep them sweet,” the insider continues.

As for the type of man Madonna goes after, the source says, “She has a very clear type, sexy, athletic, talented, fun, loyal and passionate and she’s got to feel a real spark. She swears she can tell when a guy is faking it and just in it for fame. She wants a guy that is really attracted to her.”

The insider concludes, “She’s now giving a new guy, this French singer [Eric Labat], a test run, and if all things work out he’ll be her next boyfriend. Until she gets tired of him, of course.”

Madonna and Josh, 30, a boxing coach who trained with her son David Banda, made their romance Instagram official in February 2023. However, the romance only lasted a year. Sources told The U.S. Sun in May that things had “fizzled out” for the couple.

“Madonna has barely seen Josh for months because her schedule was so hectic,” the insider said. “There is genuinely no bad blood — they’re still fond of each other. At the moment their relationship doesn’t feel feasible and they’ve cooled things off, but they are staying friends.”

Not long after their split was confirmed, Madonna was spotted out with Eric, 37, at the Off-White collection party in New York City on May 22, Just Jared reported at the time. She was seen “partying with a lineup of international DJs at the sneaker launch after party sponsored by CÎROC,” according to the outlet. Eric, a fellow singer, was once a contestant on Nouvelle Star, the French version of American Idol.