Though they once seemed like the best of friends, beauty YouTubers Manny MUA and Jeffree Star appear to have hit a rough patch in their friendship. The abrupt change has left fans wondering where all the drama came from, so we’ve broken down everything we know thus far about the on-going feud between the makeup gurus.

Their beef seems to have originated from Jeffree’s issues with fellow MUA Laura Lee. Laura, Manny, and Jeffree were once a famous trio, but after a nasty Twitter war, it looks like Jeffree and Laura have cut ties. Back in November, Jeffree posted a glam photo of himself with the caption, “Walking into my ex-best friends funeral like.” Though fans originally thought he was talking about Manny, the duo appeared together on Snapchat shortly after.

Jeffrey later confirmed the shade was directed at Laura. “The beauty community has turned into such an ugly place full of evil people,” he said in a tweet. “I’ve learned some really big life lessons lately the hard way and I’m just thankful I have all of you guys, Nate, and my family.” When a follower replied to his message by saying Laura “has a good soul,” Jeffree quickly responded that fans “know nothing about her personally. Her soul is pure evil.”

This put Manny, who is BFFs with both Jeffree and Laura, in an awkward position. Twitter users did notice, however, that neither Laura nor Manny acknowledged Jeffree’s birthday on Nov. 15. Manny later defended himself on Twitter, writing, “And for the record, Laura and I both texted Jeffree happy birthday yesterday. A relationship is between you and one person, not millions of people.” But, Jeffree denied that either of the influencers had reached out. “He never called me,” Jeffree tweeted. “Stop defending someone who could give one less f–k about you. He doesn’t.”

A couple of days after the birthday debacle, Manny took to Snapchat to seemingly clarify all of the feud rumors. "I just want you guys to remember, at the end of the day, first and foremost we are people. We have miscommunications, we have missteps, we have friendships that go awry, we have relationships that end,” he said. “And that is okay; that’s part of life, that’s part of growth, and that’s part of change. And change is good; change is welcomed. And it’s frustrating because we are public figures… and our friendships and our relationships are made known to the public, and the public feels the need to know what is going on [behind] closed doors.”

He ended the snap by saying they are “fine” and “navigating our relationship like healthy people should.” He also asked fans to stay out of the drama so as to not start fake rumors from spreading. Here's hoping they all kiss and make up soon!