What’s next in the world of super cool hair trends? Marbling!

If the term evokes images of marbled Easter eggs from your youth or — better yet — those complicated nail art videos on Instagram, then yes. You’re on the right track.

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Hair marbling is the same kind of situation, only for your tresses. Just like your manicure or those Easter eggs from the ’90s, marbling produces a multi-colored, swirled effect that’s oddly soothing, though it’s not a perfected art. Because the pattern of the swirls are different every time, the style varies and colorists are never quite sure what they’re going to get.

marble hair trend

The finished product by hair colorist Ash Fortist.

Hair colorist Ash Fortist grabbed her inspiration from those marble nail art videos and transferred the trend to hair dye. “Nail art is a huge influence of mine, so I thought,
‘How can I bring it to hair?'” she said of her signature technique.

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So how does Ash create the look? Mesh strips are coated with shaving cream. Then, Ash swirls in the rainbow shades of dye with her color brush. She then takes each section of hair, pressing them individually onto the strip, and covers the strands with plastic.

Pretty cool, right? So look out ombre, mermaid, and geode-themed hair. Marbling is sweeping Instagram and Pinterest as we speak! Well — are you brave enough to try the trend?