These days, it feels like a new beauty trend is popping up on Instagram every hour — but there’s one that bloggers can’t stop raving about!

Bubble masks (also known as oxygen masks) have become quite popular on the social media platform, especially given how they make the user’s face look mid-treatment. One Redditor named ZeApollo (h/t PopSugar) hilariously documented her experience, and how she resembled a cloud by the end of it.

bubble mask reddit

The products — which according to Cosmopolitan, first emerged in the Asian beauty market — act similarly to foaming cleanser, and have been getting positive reviews across the board.

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“Okay soooo I tried one of those bubble masks last night and I’m obsessed!” one Instagram user wrote. “It worked so well… however, I did learn the hard way not to put it near your nostrils or it will foam up inside your nose and try to smother you. Sure, you’ll look like a rock troll from Frozen but it makes your skin feel great!”

Another individual said, “Things got really bubbly over here this week. I tried the new @naturerepublicusaofficial Black Rose wash-off Bubble Mask which claims to refresh skin and remove impurities from your pores, and it was not only a success but also a very ticklish and fun experience (I mean, bubbles… that’s always fun, right?)”

She added, “While Pore-wise I didn’t see much difference, its brightening and cooling effects were [okay_hand emoji] — though my skin looked really red for around 10 mins right after wearing it but it quickly washed out to leave my skin bright and smooth.”

Some of the most mentioned brands when it comes to the trend are the Korean brand Elizavecca, Nature Republic, ELF, Skin Republic, and Bliss.

Who else is inspired to get their bubble on this weekend?!