Need a little fun added to your daily routine? Well, thanks to the beauty bloggers of Instagram, you can now do arts and crafts-inspired makeup every day with pom poms!

So ditch Sephora and head to your friendly neighborhood craft store to pick up your favorite elementary school art tool: multicolored, fluffy pom poms.

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From funky eye makeup to colorful lip art to unique contouring designs, Insta-famous makeup artists like Marly and Anne Wenzel are getting creative by gluing pom poms of all shapes and sizes to their faces.

Needless to say, people are loving this fun new way of applying makeup.

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“Adore this!!” one fan wrote in the comments, while another added, “This inspires me!”

Makeup artist Grace McQuillan focused on using the pom poms as a lip liner — and though it’s probably not conducive to talking or eating or kissing, this chic look has us in awe!

“I went to the craft store the other day and found these adorable pom poms! So naturally…” she captioned the pic.

Pair this viral new look with some LED eyelashes and we think you’ll have the perfect look for your next music festival.

So, will you be taking part in this Instagram sensation?!