Even before they were pulling all-nighters at Butter during their NYU days, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the ultimate party girls. In fact, they even had a wildly popular VHS series about it: You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Blah Blah Blah Party. In this week’s episode of MG & J Talk MK & A, we look back at all of those shindigs, because yeah, we RSVPed then, but now? It’s if up to me, we’re going to have to see…my Google calendar, because TBH, I think I’m slammed every weekend until early September.

Like seriously, looking back, we’re not 100% sure if we would’ve gone to all of these gigs, such as…

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Birthday Party

mary-kate and ashley's birthday party
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Like, ugh, are we expected to give a gift? Mary-Kate and Ashley spend like a half an hour debating what the theme of this party should be before defaulting on Six Flags, and halfway through, they do a lightly racist routine in sombreros and mustaches during the piñata party song. No Bueno.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Ballet Party

mary-kate and ashley's ballet party
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Neither of us could even remember the plot of this one — like clearly pirouettes were involved, but the footwork must not have been impressive enough to leave a lasting impression. And honestly? If I’m coming to a party, I expect crafts, miniature hot dogs, and nothing that requires me to show how physically (un)fit I am.

Then again, there were some absolute fire get-togethers like…

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Hawaiian Beach Party

hawaiian beach party
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YAAAAAAS, KWEENS, I NEED A VACATION, TOO! Get the submarine ready!

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