Get your Starbucks and cigarettes ready, because you’re about to get a lesson in Olsenology. In MJ and A Talk MK & A, two experts (OK, yes superfans but same thing) tackIe everything Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. And with our first video, we tackle, uh, Our First Video, the Olsens twins‘ first collection of thinly-strung-together sing-a-longs and true kick-off to their franchise. Yes, that’s right: though the girls first shot into the spotlight on Full House (and we’ll talk Michelle Tanner in the very near future) the beginning of Mary-Kate and Ashey as a brand starts with Our First Video. And what’s controversial about that is in Our First Video, it’s retroactively revealed that the Olsens built their industry upon a bed of lies.

If you need proof, look no further than the song “Identical Twins.”

mary-kate and ashley olsen identical twins

I’ve talked about this extensively in just about every other Olsen post I’ve written, but “Identical Twins” feels like the ultimate betrayal for any Olsen twins fan. Truth is, Mary-Kate and Ashley are actually incredibly similar-looking fraternal twins, but there’s something deceptive about positing them as much rarer carbon copies. Consider that the entire selling point of Mary-Kate and Ashley is their duality, the fact that there’s two of them. So when you kick off their first video with this bit of deception (you know, after the debate of “I Am The Cute One”), you really start to question if your entire childhood is a lie.

From “Brother for Sale” to the truth behind “Peanut Butter,” watch us tackle our grievances with Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Our First Video in Mary Grace and Jen’s Our First Video!