They look a lot alike, but no they're not exactly alike. That's what the Olsen twins have been telling us for the past three decades — ever since they switched on and off playing Michelle Tanner on Full House that there are major differences between Mary-Kate and Ashley. And yet as the sisters celebrate turning 32 years old today, they leave behind a long legacy of people asking which Olsen twin is which. So in honor of their 32nd birthday, we revisited all the ways media professionals got Mary-Kate and Ashley mixed up. Watch our video above to see the Olsen twins get asked time and time again who is who.

If you think about it, that's just years of bad journalism. Because even though Mary-Kate and Ashley boasted about being identical twins in their early years — like deception was so hard there was even a freaking song about it in Our First Video — those girls are fraternal. So sorry guys, but you should've been able to tell them apart. Like, everyone who's anyone knows that Ashley was really into ballet while Mary-Kate, to this day, is obsessed with riding horses.

…oh, you mean different physically?

How to Tell Mary-Kate and Ashley Apart

mary-kate and ashley olsen 2018

Well, thanks to bowls and bowls of cigarettes, we have a clearer idea of which Olsen twin is which today. Ashley is an inch shorter with a fuller mouth and Mary-Kate's face is, uh, looking a little bit harsher these days. But it's nice to know that even in their old age, MK & A haven't stopped with wearing matching outfits that look about seven times too big. Some things are just timeless. Happy birthday, girls, may no journalist ever mix the two of you up again.