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The Olsen Twins’ Starbucks Obsession Make Them a Barista’s Worst Nightmare

For a brief but glorious time in the mid-2000s, you could not see a photograph of the Olsen twins without them clutching a Starbucks twice their size. Seriously, the entire Mary-Kate and Ashley image was best crafted during the NYU years, when a Venti latte was their only camoflauge from the paparazzi. And though, yes, it was their weapon of choice, it was also an addiction forged back when they were starring in straight-to-video singalongs. Rivaled only by the Olsen Twins' smoking habit, MK & A's association with Starbucks probably helped make the company the insane global empire that it is today. Like, pushing that trend definitely made it so there were three Starbucks on every street instead of just every town. And for that we're…well, we don't know how we feel. All we're saying is that the Olsen twins and Starbucks are an iconic pairing like, well, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Of course, do the Olsens get photographed with their caffinated elixer quite as often these days? No, and that's 110% because the Olsen twins are sick of media vultures scrutinizing their every move (wait…). But every once in a while when they emerge for a breath of fresh cigarette, they're usually accompanied by a coffee cup. Old habits die hard. Click through to learn more about the Olsen twins' long obsession with Starbucks.