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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Most Curious Twinning Behaviors

There was a brief and dark moment when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shunned their title of “The Olsen Twins,” as if they were simply siblings instead of two halves of the same whole. Kids, if Mary-Kate and Ashley were just straight up sisters, they would be … well, they would be Elizabeth Olsen. Like, not that Lizzie hasn’t starred in summer blockbusters or whatever, Avengers: Infinity War is nothing to scoff at. But it isn’t the same as being raised a brand because you have someone who shares your face, to say the least.

MK & A aren’t just twins, they’re the twins that all twins aspire to be, twinning so hard they could create an entire empire out of it, which they did. And through the years, we’ve started to take note that they even have their own strange mirrored behaviors and movements that are distinctly Olsen-esque. From their balancing act to their “secret language,” scroll through the gallery to see some of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s most intriguing twin quirks.

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