There's something disconcerting about stumbling upon a Full House rerun and being not-quite-sold when Michelle Tanner delivers a thumbs-up and a "You got it, dude." A childhood shattered, you ask yourself: are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen even good actresses? I have to watch vintage clips for work so for me the answer is an obvious "No," with an extra side of "OMG, no." But in this week's episode of MG & J Talk MK & A, we go back and forth about whether the Olsen Twins were the true stars of Full House.

The core of my argument? Well ICYMI, Mary-Kate and Ashley had a baby wrangler for the early years of their career, and as such, their stint on Full House is basically being fed lines and coaxed into reactions off-screen. And honestly, the delayed reactions grow more and more evident as you (and they) get older. I mean, the twins couldn't even respond to interview questions without a prompt. So you know, the fact that they gave Fuller House a pass to run their fashion empire? Totally fine with me.

To make a counterpoint, the strong relationships in Full House really helped sell Michelle Tanner, particularly her connection with begrudging heartthrob Uncle Jesse. The chemistry between John Stamos and the twins comes across as pretty authentic and if it wasn't for all the gentle music, you'd think they were a real family. Real talk, though: why were they always kissing on the mouth?

The debate gets seriously heated in the second episode of MG & J talk MK & A. Watch us discuss Full House, freeloader Uncle Joey, and the thespian merits of the Olsen twins above. Oh, and don't @ me.