Meet Mama June’s Trainer, Kenya Crooks, Who Helped Her Lose 300 Pounds! (EXCLUSIVE)

Everyone’s talking about Mama June’s incredible 300-pound weight loss these days, but we’re ready to give the man who helped her get there, trainer Kenya Crooks, some love!

After the reality star underwent gastric sleeve surgery to start the process, the fitness guru kept her diet and daily workouts on track, leading to her From Not to Hot transformation.

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“In weight loss you can’t have a finish line mentally. At the end of the day you have to keep working,” Kenya told Life & Style in an exclusive interview. “The things you did to get that body, like working out and eating, are the same things you have to do to keep that body.”

When asked about June’s new look, the fitness guru admitted, “She’s loving everything, everything, and everything. She hated a whole bunch of herself before, but now, because of the surgery and the workout piece of it, she’s enjoying all phases of June. She walks around naked! That’s what the kids told me.”

He added, “The kids are like, ‘Hey, can you have a conversation with her because we can’t take all this new June.’”

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Kenya revealed on Instagram that June lost 84 pounds from his program following her initial surgery. “The biggest obstacle was really her believing in her,” he explained on The Dr. Oz Show.

“Everything is about reasons, and her reason, originally, was to show her ex how fine she could be. But what I wanted to show her, and what I wanted to drill in her, was this is about you. You’ve gotta start putting you first. And once she bought in, it was just easy. It was an easy sell.”

But when asked about diet tips, Kenya had a pretty simple one for the Life & Style team: “Not eating ice cream. Its a great diet tip!”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Mama June’s entire body transform over time!