Sigh. Another day, another statement from Samantha Markle! Just days after Meghan‘s half-sister had some kinda nice, kinda not-so-nice things to say about her pregnancy, the 53-year-old is now issuing an apology to the Duchess of Sussex — again.

“I’m so excited, I’m so happy for you and I really, really am sorry for any of the past tension and confusion and misunderstandings and asinine things I’ve said when I just didn’t understand what was going on and I wanted things to work out for my dad,” Samantha said directly to Meghan via DailyMailTV. In other words, Meghan may never hear this, but it’s the thought that counts, right? “This is just a great time for you guys and Meg, I love you. Congratulations to both of you. Let’s just let it all go and you two be wonderful happy parents — I’m so happy for both of you.”

Samantha added that “everybody just needs to shut the heck up and let this be a great thing for them, for the world, [and] for the family,” and that while “Meghan’s done some things” in regards to their dad, she still loves her. “I was kind of overwhelmed with emotion and I just thought, I’m letting everything go,” Samantha said. “It’s beautiful, and I’m so excited for Harry, too.”

Samantha Markle apology

Uh, yeah we’re sure Meg and her man, Prince Harry, will just suddenly put the past behind them! ICYMI, Samantha has been spewing nonsense about her sibling ever since Meghan went from being a (let’s be honest) C-list celeb on Suits to arguably the most talked about woman in the world. Remember that time she called her sister a “Ducha–?” Yeah… we’re sure the soon-to-be mom didn’t forget that either.

“I am not candy coating anything anymore!” Samantha prefaced her epic rant, per the Daily Mail last month. “The DUCHA– should be humane to our father who has given her everything and this media crap can stop!” she continued, referring to Meghan’s toxic relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.

“He was the one who was always there for her. Fake waves and smiles can stop. The DuchA– can bow to the daddy,” Samantha added.

TBH, we’re begging the fam to make amends because This. Is. Exhausting.