Planning a wedding is never not difficult, from deciding what your bridesmaids will wear to narrowing down menu options. Now, amplify that pressure by 1000, and you’re close to what Meghan Markle is experiencing by marrying into the royal family.

Her latest compromise? The reception venue. Supposedly, Meghan and her fiancé Prince Harry where keen to hold their reception at Frogmore House, but have been advised by royal aides that St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle is more “practical.”

st. george’s chapel windsor castle getty images

St. George’s Chapel, where the couple’s wedding ceremony will take place.

Frogmore holds special significance for Meghan and Harry, being the backdrop of their engagement photos and reportedly a site where they have enjoyed many romantic picnics. Not only was it Meghan’s first choice, who previously described it as “dreamy,” but the Queen is said to have approved it as well. Supposedly, the Frogmore was recently renovated by a group of the monarch’s friends as a 70th wedding anniversary present to her and Prince Philip. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

According to the Daily Mail, royal aides “gently vetoed” the option and offered them St. George’s Hall, which is larger and more suitable for the size of the wedding party. This isn’t the first compromise Meghan has had to make. Following her engagement, she announced that she would be giving up acting in order to focus on her new royal duties.

It might not be the wedding she expected, but it’s still going to be a ceremony fit for an actual princess, so we doubt she’ll be complaining!

This post was written by Georgia Aspinall. It originally appeared on our sister site, Grazia Daily.