When Michael Malarkey isn’t kicking ass and taking names as cynical vampire Enzo on the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries, he’s working on his music and taking some time out of his busy schedule to have a chat with Life & Style!

Ahead of his live gig at NYC’s iconic Webster Hall this Saturday, Nov. 15 (buy tickets here), the happily married father-of-one gave us an inside look at his life and shares 12 things you never knew about him!

“TVD” fans, you’re in for a TREAT!

1. Enzo Was Almost American!
On his audition process: I’m based in London normally, so what I do is I send out tapes to LA. I sent in one in an American accent initially. It was about two weeks until I heard back, and then they wanted it again, but in an English accent. They’d actually seen me doing a pilot for The CW a year earlier, which was “The Selection.” It didn’t get picked up. I was the male lead in that, so they were kind of slightly familiar with my stuff and I think because I did that show, they didn’t really run me through all the hoops they’d normally do. I literally sent those two tapes and then got cast.

2. Taking Elena and Stefan Hostage = Two Thumbs Up
His favorite scene he’s filmed so far: The ones for the episode “Man on Fire” last season. When Enzo took Elena and Stefan hostage. It was just a chance for me to really kind of get more into the mind of Enzo. It gave the audience the chance as well to see the more humane side of him.

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The CW

3. He Bonds Over Daddy Duties With Co-Star Zach Roerig On Set
I’m close to everybody. It’s such a close-knit team. We’re all here on location [in Atlanta]. I’m close to different people for different reasons. Zach (Matt) and I hang out a lot because we’re both dads, so we get together and talk about dad stuff.

4. And Shoots Whiskey With Paul Wesley
Paul (Stefan) and I like to have a whiskey together and talk shop. I really enjoy Paul’s deadpan sort of sense of humor and the way he goes about things — unlike on the show. He’s not like Stefan!

michael malarkey enzo the vamprie diaries

5. He’s Got His Eye on the Big Screen Prize
I want to be in a feature film! I hope that this is a stepping-stone towards that. I want to do something gritty, something I can just kind of be myself.

6. He Admires Actor Tom Hardy — and Wants to Work With Him
He’s incredible. I think he’s one of our best younger actors at the moment.

7. The One Thing He Loves Most About His Wife of Five Years, Actress Nadine Lewington
There are so many things, but sense of humor. That’s the kind of bread and butter of a relationship.

michael malarkey enzo the vamprie diaries

8. If He Was an Actual Vampire, Would He Be More Like Stefan or Damon?
More like Enzo! I got cast for a reason. Slightly cynical, sarcastic and anarchistic!

9. He’d Switch Places With Barack Obama for a Day
Not to run the country because that would be my least favorite thing to do ever, but just to kind of get an insight at the shenanigans that are going over there in Washington.

10. Ask Him to Twerk, and He Has a Jam Ready
“Fix Up, Look Sharp” by Dizzee Rascal. You’ll see what I mean.

We suuuuure did. Listen below!

11. According to Him, He Wasn’t Always So Hunky
When asked what advice he’d give his 18-year-old self, he said: “Chill out! It ain’t that bad, man.” I was such a little dweeb back then.

12. There Are Many Reasons Why He Loves Being Dad to Son Marlon, But This is No. 1
Experiencing life through his eyes and seeing the world that way. You can’t help but have a more optimistic attitude about life when you see a child growing up.

Tune in and watch Michael on The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW!