Is Miley Cyrus pregnant? That's what fans are wondering after the pop star was seen on Instagram, sporting what seemed to be a baby bump! The singer shared a photo of herself celebrating both her birthday and Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 23 and fans freaked out, flooding the comments section because it looks like Miley had a bun in the oven.

The photo in question is a shot of the 25-year-old standing underneath an arch of silver balloon letters that spelled out "Miley." She stood to the side, placing her hands on top of her stomach and captioned the shot, "So close to b-day time! Stoked for a day full of Tofurkey [and] loved ones! Ain't it ironic?"

While tons of fans wished Miley a happy birthday in the comments, others were dying to know if she was really pregnant or not. "Does anybody know if Miley Cyrus is pregnant?" one fan asked, and another wrote, "The way she is standing, seems like a pregnant lady pose LOL."

The rumors got so out of hand that The Voice coach had to address the rumors on Thanksgiving day. She zoomed in to the shot that she originally posted on Instagram and edited the photo with text that read, "RUDE! Not pregnant, just eating a s–t ton of Tofurkey."

Miley claimed that her "baby bump" is actually a food baby and not a real baby, since she indulged in tons of vegan "turkey" roast. So there isn't currently a baby on the way for her and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

But the couple is still going strong! The couple met in 2009 on the set of their film The Last Song and got engaged in 2012, but they split and called off their wedding the following year. But the couple got back together during the summer of 2015 and they've been together ever since and their engagement is back on! For her birthday this year, Liam even gifted Miley another special piece of jewelry — a necklace of the nickname she gave him, "Lili," adorned with rainbow diamonds.