Miley Cyrus Rethinking Relationship With Liam Hemsworth a Year After Their Reconciliation

As Life & Style previously reported, Miley Cyrus has called off her wedding to Liam Hemsworth less than a year after they reunited — and it’s about more than just cold feet.

“[Miley] is rethinking the whole relationship,” a source shares. “She’s told friends and family that she doesn’t think their personalities mesh anymore. She’s a free spirit and full of energy and she’s starting to find Liam a little boring.”

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But while the 23-year-old appears to have given up on a future with the actor, 26, he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

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“Liam still hopes they can work things out,” a different insider tells Life & Style. “He isn’t ready for this to be over.”

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