Girls just wanna have fun! Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink took to Instagram to show fans how they spend their breaks on the Stranger Things set, and it consists of channeling their inner Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

The actresses recreated the scene in the animated film where the sisters sing “Frozen For the First Time.” Millie, 15, played Elsa, while Sadie, 17, portrayed Anna. “I will be right here,” Sadie sang to her bestie, as Millie chimed in with her verse in the song. “Anna, Please go back home, your life awaits/ Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates,” she sang. “You mean well, but leave me be/ Yes, I’m alone, but I’m alone and free/ Just stay away and you’ll be safe from me.”

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who are those frozen women??

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From there, the girls were interrupted by the person recording who shouted, “they’re ready!” Then, they finished off the song and included a little dance. “Actually we’re not/ What do you mean you’re not?/ I get the feeling you don’t know/ What do I not know?/ Arendelle’s in deep, deep, deep, deep snow,” they sang in unison. Not only do they have great acting skills, but they can also sing!

Based on their outfits, the actresses were in the middle of filming season 3 of the Netflix series. Millie wore one of her character Eleven’s most iconic looks — high-waisted jeans, a patterned button-down with blue suspenders and a yellow scrunchie. Sadie, who plays Max in the show, rocked a multi-colored top, mustard yellow shorts and red high-top converse.

The pair of teens seem to share a great bond both on set and off. In 2017, they recreated their own rendition of the “Cups” song from the movie Pitch Perfect, and it was amazing. Are these girls friendship goals or what? Here’s to hoping they decide to take on music as a career, too!