Unpopular opinion: Carrie Bradshaw was a hot mess. A hot mess in designer shoes, sure, but a hot mess no less. In honor of the 20-year anniversary of Sex and the City, it’s time to finally give credit where credit’s due. Enter Miranda Hobbes — the true shining star of the series and the character that every woman should aspire to be… you know, if idolizing fictional people is something you’re into.

You may be wondering, “If Miranda was so great, why wasn’t she the star of the show?” Well, fellow SATC fans, we’re here to argue that she was — you were just too preoccupied by Carrie’s cigarette smoke and affinity for s—ty men to notice. Check out all the times below that Miranda Hobbes proved she was the OG queen of Sex and the City.

1. She graduated from Harvard Law.

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🇺🇸 I’M WITH MIRANDA 🇺🇸 Yesterday after months of speculation, @cynthiaenixon formally announced that she is entering the race for Governor of New York. And even though we prayed that 2018 would be the year that she completed her EGOT, we’re willing to put that aside for the moment. Her campaign ad addressed issues of poverty, mass-incarceration, and the perennially fucked New York transit system. She even rode the subway in the ad, which we never saw Miranda do, despite living in Brooklyn and working in Midtown, but we digress. Even though we’re ex-New Yorkers, we would like to see our former home governed by a fiercely intelligent leader who shares our values — and occasionally eats cake out of the garbage. Which is why we are officially endorsing Cynthia Nixon for governor ✊ (S1/EP1) #CynthiaNixon #WeShouldAllBeMirandas #ImWithMiranda

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It’s an Ivy League institution, ever heard of it? Not only did the fiery redhead have a kick-ass education under her belt, she eventually went on to make partner at her law firm. Sure, she once pretended to be a lesbian to impress her boss, but it’s better than being the sex columnist whose articles run next to the ads for penile implants. Ahem, Carrie.

2. Miranda co-parented like a #boss.

Between her bum ovary and Steve’s one testicle, Miranda never thought she’d get pregnant. But, alas, she did — that’s what happens when you try to be friends with an ex. Instead of forcing a relationship with Steve, she made it work on her own. Carrie would have sooner legally married Stanford than raise a child without a husband.

3. She wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of men.

Case and point: When Miranda was dating the hot Knicks doctor, Robert, she didn’t care that he saw her looking a mess with Chicken Pox cream all over her bod while she binge-watched Jules and Mimi. Carrie on the other hand? Forget about it. Remember the episode she complained for 45 minutes because Big heard her fart?! Yeah, that happened.

4. Miranda left Manhattan ….and didn’t die.

While the rest of the ladies behaved as if the world would cease to exist outside of the isle of Manhattan, Miranda took the plunge. That’s right, she moved to Brooklyn. Gasp! Sure, she wasn’t happy about it (because, like, it’s Brooklyn), but she did it for her family. TBH, Carrie’s family was her collection of Manolo Blahniks.

5. She knew the importance of comfort over style.

Modern day women need to let their lady bits breathe. Nobody knew this better than Miranda Hobbes. While she did don the occasional tight top or frock, she was known primarily for throwing on an assortment of “athleisure” ensembles one could wear during a casual stroll through Central Park or for a What Not to Wear audition tape. Carrie’s idea of comfort was one of Mr. Big’s oversized shirts that smelled of commitment issues and erectile dysfunction. OK, maybe Big didn’t have ED, but he was old AF.

6. There’s nothing Miranda wouldn’t do for her friends.

Was she biting? Sure. Was she judgemental? Yes, that too. But, at the end of the day Miranda showed out for her friends, especially Carrie! Remember the time she dragged Miranda to church to spy on Big and his mother? Or how about when Miranda was the only one who had the wherewithal to warn Carrie that Alexander Petrovsky was a Russian d-bag? Carrie couldn’t even be bothered to help Miranda up after she fell out of the shower and hurt her neck. She sent her boyfriend, Aiden!

7. She taught women that there’s more to life than men.

OK, yes, she worried about getting laid just as much as Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte, but she also knew the importance of focusing on her career and her friendships — and eventually, family. When Steve cheated on her in the first SATC movie, Miranda finessed that situation like a pro. When Big neglected to marry Carrie for the 100th time, on the other hand, Carrie dyed her hair a weird brown, tossed her cell phone in the ocean, and ceased to have any social life whatsoever.

In conclusion: In a world full of Carries, be a Miranda.