The mother of Eli, the little miracle baby boy born without a nose, has been forced to make herself heard after Facebook tried to remove pictures of her son from the website.

Eli, who suffers from a very rare condition called congenital arhinia, has become quite the star since he was born and his parents set up Facebook and a GoFundMe page for him, the latter of which has raised $40,000 for his medical expenses!

baby born without a nose

But according to his mother, Brandi McGlathery, Facebook removed a photo of her son after a pro-life group tried to post it to promote Eli’s story.

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“I posted the status with a link about it saying no one’s going to keep me from posting photos of my child. If I can see completely distasteful things on Facebook all day long, then I can post a picture of my son,” Brandi told WKRG

baby eli

30,000 shares in six hours later and Facebook was prompted to reverse their decision.

“A friend of ours told us that the reason they were banning him was because he broke the internet! He was everywhere and he broke the internet!” says Brandi.

As for little Eli, his mother says that the decision to have a nose made for him will fall on the little boy himself. But thanks to ‘breaking the internet’ he has all the funding he needs.