Her dreams are coming true! Whitney Thore's mom Babs Thore often steals the spotlight on her hit reality TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life and now it's all about Babs! Whitney and her family are on a family vacation in Oahu, HI to celebrate Babs' 40th wedding anniversary to her husband Glenn Thore and he surprised her with a special trip to the Dolphin Quest to swim with dolphins. Watch our exclusive sneak peek above to see Babs' cute reaction to finding out that she's getting to live her dream of swimming with the dolphins!

So cute! Whitney has such a sweet relationship with her parents, so she and her brother Hunter Thore have been having a blast with them on their trip to Hawaii. On last week's episode, the Thore family touched down in Oahu and they immediately went out exploring, which led them to a fun snorkeling excursion and Whitney even overcame her fear of waves during a surfing lesson.

But the trip was also an emotional one, too. Whitney also invited her friends on the trip since they are also close with her family, so Tal Fish and Todd Beasley also came along — and Whitney even invited Buddy Bell. But Buddy didn't fly with everyone else since he was still completing his rehab treatment and he met up with everyone a few days later — and he had a heart to heart with Whitney about his addiction issues.

"I'm so proud of you," Whitney told him, getting emotional. "You know, I was so scared when I found out. I was terrified and I just feel really bad that I didn't know. And I just want to tell you, I don't know how you were feeling, I don't ever want you to think that I just noticed and didn't do anything cause I really didn't know."