All of My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore's wildest dreams may have come true when she got her own TV show on TLC, but she's since realized that life is about more than fame and fortune. As a matter of fact, she's now admitting to being in somewhat of an "existential crisis," and says that she's often "lonely."

"Today at the gym, I was talking to @williampowell39 about priorities," she began in the emotional Instagram post. "I feel like I’m constantly in various stages of existential crisis, and this is a subject I think about every day." Whitney admits that she's lived a priviliged and lucky life, "But, I still wonder: what’s really important? What genuinely brings happiness and contentment? I know now for sure what DOESN’T (for me)." Whitney says that followers, clothes, compliments, ratings, fame, and events aren't bringing her the contentment she once expected.

"Sure, some of these things are cool and fun and bring momentary joy, but more often than not, I find myself lonely, contemplating why everything and everyone seems so pointless, hungry, and vapid," she says. While Whitney is still looking for meaning in life, she also reveals what makes her happy. "Authentic relationships, friends I’ve known and loved for 19 years, texts from my dad, cuddling with my cats, a clean house, movement, laughter, and witnessing other people’s truths," she explains.

The parts about "truth" and "authenticity" seem like a dig at her ex-boyfriend Avi Lang, who she was dating during Season 4 of MBFFL. While Whitney was all in with Avi, she heartbreakingly learned that he was actually a cheater, and she was the other woman! The scumbag refused to appear on camera because he was actually dating Whitney behind his fiancee's back. It's clear that Whitney is still suffering from the effects of this heartbreak, but we're sure when she finds the right guy, he'll treat her with respect and put her above everyone else. Just keep looking, Whit!