Pouring his heart out! Niall Horan may be happy and single these days, but in an unreleased track titled “Put Your Heart on Me,” the 25-year-old reflects on his breakup with Hailee Steinfeld, giving us all the feels.

“It wouldn’t be my album if it didn’t have a sad, sad, sad ballad on it. This could potentially be my favorite song I’ve ever written,” the Irish native told The Sun, who attended a listening session for a few tracks from the singer’s upcoming album. “I’d just gone through a breakup and it was all very real. It was very easy to sit down at the piano and speak and see what happens.”

The lyrics to the heartbreak anthem are as follows, according to the outlet: “I’ve still got so much love here beneath this skin/ So darling put a little love on me/ Put a little love on me/ When the lights come up and there’s no shadows dancing/ I look around as my heart is collapsing/ Because you’re the only one I need/ So put a little love on me.”

Apparently, the One Direction alum and the 22-year-old actress broke up sometime in 2018 after being romantically linked since February 2017. “They split months ago,” a source told Us Weekly in December 2018. “Niall wrapped up his tour and had more free time, but Hailee’s work schedule really ramped up, so they didn’t have time for a relationship. They still have a lot of love for each other.” We shouldn’t be surprised if the two are friendly with each other, especially because in February 2019, they both attended the same Grammys afterparty.

Niall told The Sun that his forthcoming LP, which will be released sometime in 2020, started coming to life in October 2018. This means that less than a year ago, he was going through heartbreak. “I wrote the album in about a seven month period. It’s mad that I started this in the last couple of weeks of October,” he admitted.

We can’t wait to take a listen!